Hi Everyone, 

Noelle here from About Skin. Happy New Year!

I wanted to talk a little bit about New Year’s resolutions. We all usually set those and/or we think about them. I wanted to share with you what mine has been for this year.  I am committed to masking more often. So, I go through phases and sometimes I get really good with that and other times I just completely forget about it. 

Masking is really important for the skin, you want to be doing that at least twice a week. So, my kind of commitment and New Year’s resolution is to be doing that about two to three times a week. And if I get really good at it, it’s about four times. 

With masking I always say don’t overthink it it – it can be a shower booster where you can actually use it in the shower after you cleanse your skin, where you are putting it on you skin and then you can wash your body. Having it on five minutes it’s Going to make a difference. I really like to have at least 10 minutes, but as a shower booster that’s great.

Another way that you can use a masque, especially our Eminence masques – they’re so beautiful and Hydrating – I was going to show you one of my favorite masques with hyaluronic acid that we have. You can also sleep in some of our masques, so if you’re not sure just ask when you come in some of them are a little bit better to sleep in than others. 

This is one of my favorites currently – a strawberry rhubarb masque – it is kind of more of like a spring/summer scent but it smells so good – it has hyaluronic acid. It is really great for hydration. So that is my New Year’s resolution – to get some more masquing into my life, because it makes such a difference. Whatever you’re working on, I like to have the skin more dewy so masquing for me is going to give more hydration to my skin. 

And so then I wanted to share a simple way for you to get better results at home with your skin care. Exfoliation is so important and you probably hear me speak of that often and if you see another technician here, they’re going to really focus on exfoliation as well for home care. But have you ever tried a Clarisonic brush? 

So, these brushes are so amazing, it really changes the skin. So, when we use physical exfoliants at home those are really great and they feel really good, a lot of clients really like the granules on their skin but when you start adding in a brush it is really amazing. You know, you start to notice a difference, your products will penetrate even deeper and then, you know there’s kind of a little system, once you implement a brush, you know you probably don’t need to be doing that physical exfoliant as much, like the granular ones, so we can help you with that when you come in if you have questions about how often to exfoliate when you start adding in a Clarisonic. 

We sell these here and I love them so much, I cannot go without mine, and even doing it maybe three times a week or you know some of my clients do it every day. If you have combination or oily skin, you’re gonna be able to use that more and your skin will not become dry or irritated. 

So, I would love to hear what your New Year’s resolutions have been, especially if they are skin related but even if they’re not I still would love for you to post below in the comments and I hope you’re all off to a beautiful start in January. we have been very busy here so it’s been really wonderful!

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