Today we would like to share with you an About Skin experience from one of our lovely clients, Sheri Mazzuckis. 

Sheri came to About Skin six months ago after doing her research trying to find that perfect facial in Orange County a facial treatment that would leave her skin fresh, rejuvenated and glowing. As an ER Critical-Care Nurse, right here in Orange County, Sheri was looking for a facial that would help her skin look and feel refreshed and youthful, and her research led her to the Red Carpet Super Facial here at About Skin.

We are so happy to welcome Sheri to our wellness spa with a free consultation from Della, one of our knowledgeable and experienced estheticians. During the professional consult, Della is able to discuss with Sheri all of the available treatments and determine not only her skin type but its current state and condition. She suggests treatments that would best result in the youthful, rejuvenated look that Sheri is after.

After careful consideration and Della’s recommendation, Sheri decides on the Red Carpet Super Facial which includes the Microdermabrasion treatment that she is so excited about.  Immediately after the treatment, Sheri feels the difference. She describes her skin tone as looking even and refreshed, her skin feeling uplifted, smooth and soft. After even the first treatment, she notices fine lines and wrinkles disappearing, smaller and less noticeable pores and her face honestly glowing.

Sheri is genuinely excited to share with us how enjoyable and relaxing is her experience at About Skin. She is thrilled to have found her favorite oasis in the middle of Orange County and her treatment is truly 1-hour long. She lets us know that she is walking away feeling like all of her facial concerns are addressed at About Skin both in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Sheri is impressed that Della took the time to work with her and teach her the things she can (and should!) be doing at home to really care for her skin in between facial appointments and that it is making all the difference in the absorption of her products at home. She reports that her makeup goes on so much better and she feels like she has the clear, glowing complexion she’s always wanted. 

It is just over six months now that Sheri has been coming to us here at About Skin for the Super Facial, and she feels like the results keep getting better and better. Sheri is truly excited about her skin these days – she says she is confident that her skin both looks and feels youthful and healthy. Sheri recommends About Skin to all her friends and family and for that, we are very grateful! Thanks for being a wonderful client, Sheri!


At About Skin Facial Spa we believe in delivering the best experiences, through results driven, professional facial treatments and educating clients on bringing balance and wellness to their lives.

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